Villa Althea - Relais de Charme 


villa althea-padrona_di_casaLocated in the heart of the Langhe wine district and surrounded by lush vineyards planted with Dolcetto and Moscato, Villa Althea is a noble country residence dating back to the early 800 and property of my ancestors. During the restoration works were found several underground tunnels and a special "crutin" (small cellar) hand dug into the tuff and used in ancient times to rainwater collector and freezer. It is assumed that one of these tunnels was connected with the basement of the nearby castle of Mango and used as an escape. Or that, given the location, the location may have been a military outpost.

This is the house that I always felt like my really, the place where I spent my childhood and most happy and peaceful moments of my life. The memory of these hills of Langa never abandoned me and I have always had the feeling, sooner or later, I would be back to give new life to this unique place. Here I have finally been able to realize a dream that I cultivated for a long time: to have a place of absolute privacy and intimacy in which "free" my artistic sense, so eclectic and versatile, creating environments that evoke my preferred styles and colors. 

I decided to create a place for the soul, a sort of refuge for those who, like me, still appreciate the power of beauty, the fine things, the elegance and an hospitality in the purest "Savoy" style, made of warm welcome and great discretion at same time. 

I'm here really well here and I hope the same will be for you when you will come to see me. I will like to welcome you in the purest tradition of Langa, with a flute of fragrant Moscato accompanied by the famous local “ round & kind “ hazelnut and to guide you in a pleasant stay in Villa Althea and my beloved Piedmont.  

Gabriella Fogliati, Owner